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New Crops

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During the past week the new agricultural system was finished and also saw the addition of 2 new crops; Luna Blossoms and Shadeweed, each discovered in separate Goodie Huts that are hidden around the map. The Luna Blossoms add a slow damage over time to all enemy Dark units during battle, plus a blast of energy will land on a random enemy at variable intervals during battle dealing 15 damage plus the cumulative level of all Dark units currently deployed, making this crop the bane of all things corrupt! Shadeweed, by contrast, is a double edged sword that damages the wielders as well as the victims, units in an army supplied with Shadeweed suffer a 33% Defense De-Buff, but each melee or non-magic ranged attack they land on enemies inflicts a DoT that deals damage equal to one-third their attack power every tick for 4 ticks (i.e. more than doubling their damage output).

New Crops

All in all I’m very excited now that crops and the elements they bring with them have been made alot more relevant to the gameplay, offering more tangible benefits with significantly less micromanagement, it’s a big improvement of the feature overall. Next up I hope to do the same for the magic system, with the last few updates this system has fallen by the wayside somewhat and some of the spells don’t even function properly, the new system will fix all that and make it even more satisfying to use! First off I’m going to start laying out the framework for the new Tower and Mana mechanics, depending on how long this takes I’ll be feeding in the spells that already are in the game to the new system, that and ironing out the wrinkles that will inevitably appear should take most if not all of this coming week. I can say a little about the new Mana system now, so you have an idea where I’m going with it; rather than the old system of feeding Crystal straight into the Sorcerer’s Tower to cast spells I hope to make things a bit more interesting, using Crystals (and maybe other resources as well) to generate Mana over time, the slower the rate, the more efficient the exchange, Mana will then be expended in the casting or channeling of Grand Spells.

New Crops

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The Road To Release: Episode 2

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This past week saw the new agricultural system taking shape, I nearly finished the framework for it and began moving over the crops from the old system into the new routines. Now crops are no longer Harvested or Extracted, seeds for new crops are ‘Cultivated’ at an Alchemist’s Lab, which is essentially the same as Foraging used to be. Also once you have ‘cultivated’ a new crop you can plant as many as you want, so there is no need to stockpile and manage seeds. Each separate Crop, once they have fully matured in their plots, can be ‘assigned’ to armies on the world map, and once they are assigned the army gets the benefits the crop provides, this can be health or attack buffs, passive HP regen, a speed increase, etc… Or, some crops provide a limited number of uses during battle that cause events like an AoE heal or attack, these ‘single use’ crops are restored at the end of a battle and don’t need to be re-assigned. I also made the Enclave Tile graphic on the world map properly reflect the level of the Keep, which is cool in a less dramatic kind of way, but still cool.

This coming week, I’m planning on finishing the jump to the new agricultural system, and add two goodie huts that award special crops that players can grow; Luna Blossoms and Shadeweed. In all likelyhood I’ll be finished with the new system and the goodies by the end of the week, at which point I’ll begin work on the new magic system, laying out the framework for the new tower and mana mechanics.

(Oh and heres a shot of the new Main Menu, I forgot to post one last week)

Thanks for reading and I hope everyone is enjoying the Beta so far, keep up with the latest developments on your social media too!


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The Road To Release: Episode 1

Cheers all, today marks the beginning of a new chapter in the development of Siege of Turtle Enclave.

This is the final stretch, I anticipate only a few more months before SoTE reaches 1.0, leading up to that point I’m going to ramp up development to a more intense level and start posting weekly progress reports at the beginning of each week, outlining the goals for that week and updating on the accomplishments of the past week.

That being said, now more than ever I need your feedback on how the game plays, flows, where there are any queer or annoying areas, balance issues, etc… Criticism is golden! Anything that I can do to make the game better for you, the players, I will try my best to see it done, but only if I know it’s there and requires my attention. Development actually leaves surprisingly little time for heavy playtesting…I never actually believed it when I heard people say it, but apparently it’s true. ;)

For the first week of goals I’ll be tackling the agricultural system, getting that more in order with the army reforms that have taken place within the past few updates. Should make the whole thing more relevant and exciting. This will probably include a couple goodie huts to compliment the improvements to the system as a whole. Just to cover the basics of what I’m trying to achieve, I’ll say that the new agricultural system will require less micromanagement and produce much more significant rewards for the time and resource investment it will demand. As for last week, I re-did the main menu, it looks worlds better in my opinion, it has a proper 3D setting instead of the horrid screenshot thing, I also did some misc cleanups and bug fixes. That’s pretty much all I can say for now, next week I’ll post what I was able to complete and outline the next steps in the process. I figure it will make the last leg of the journey a bit more exciting if I’m sharing it will all of your guys.

And on that note, I’ll conclude this first segment, thanks for reading and for being a fan!

Cheers and have fun,
~ Heftig

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New trailer for Siege of Turtle Enclave! It’s a big step up from the last one and super epic on it’s own.

Check out the game if you like what you see:


Siege of Turtle Enclave Beta Released!

Check it out at Desura to try the Demo or to purchase!


Welcome to the biggest event in the development of the game since it first strode out of the darkness and into it’s first alpha build! 

This, ladies and gentlemen, is Siege of Turtle Enclave!

I feel there is so much to talk about I just don’t know where to start, I know over the past few articles I’ve touched on the new features that you can expect to see in the game now, but in case you just stopped in and don’t know what’s been happening lately, I’ll talk about them again for a bit;

First; the new army system, gone are the days when a tile filled with 30+ units invade a tile containing 40+ units mash themselves to death in long, frantic, and confusing engagements. Now units are grouped into ‘Armies’ consisting of no more than 12 units, battles are fought between these armies, and armies are commanded to and from tiles, (with enemy and friendly armies being able to occupy the same tile without actually having to fight each other). This should make individual battles less tedious since they are fought between fewer units.

Second; the new unit veterancy system. This has a huge effect on the gameflow as units now grow in power the more engagements that they survive, to support this new system all unit stats have been re-done to increase unit survivability. Not only will units become grizzled veterans by fighting, but now their unit abilities only become unlocked when they hit a certain level, (level 3 for the first ability, level 6 for the second, if applicable).

Third; perhaps the grandest change of all, the real time battles are now actually ‘real time battles’, instead of ‘turn based battles fought in real time’, as I shall illustrate. Previously, a timer would count down and then all units would ‘attack’, this was one ‘round’ of combat, DoT and other such effects were tied to this counter. Now however, each unit has it’s own ‘attack timer’ based on the units’ speed, which varies from unit to unit, some being very quick (like archers) and others being very slow (big two handed mace turtles or caster units). Guard towers and Siege engines also have their own attack timers, and all timers (unit and tower/engine alike) are slightly randomized to ensure that nothing seems to be stiff and timed, everything should seem more fluid and alive. On top of this, rounds are now broken up with interesting choices that the player can make based on how each army has performed, for example; both armies deal similar damage to each other and the round ends, the player may be be presented with a choice like this ‘the enemy is falling back on their defenses, if you choose to pursue they will be stronger, but if you do not pursue the battle will end in a draw. What are your orders?’. Conversely, you might make a similar call, to fall back and strengthen your defense, or if the enemy is retreating you can follow up with a boost to your attack rating and cut them down as they attempt to flee! But take care, units now have ‘Stamina’ that is expended as they fight and take damage, when a unit becomes exhausted it must fight with significant debuffs to it’s power. As an example of this, in a test engagement, the enemy had more reserves than me, but my troops were more powerful than theirs, in the first few rounds of combat I drove them back with relative impunity but then my entire army was worn out, they switched out their worn troops with fresh reserves and not only stopped my advance, but turned my troops on their heels and nearly wiped out my army, only a few of my weary troops survived to claim victory. It was glorious!

Fourth; unit recruitment is no longer ‘structure based’ but now ‘tier based’, with your recruitment pool being determined by the level of your Keep (some units will be missing if you haven’t researched the required tech or claimed the appropriate goodie hut). Building a unit’s associated structure will still offer significant benefits so you shouldn’t neglect building them, these benefits include paying half as much to recruit the unit in the first place, and the unit is recruited at level 3 with it’s first ability unlocked instead of level 1, plus you need to build structures to unlock powerful Techs and to upgrade the Keep. This change was implemented to help players recruit units to counter enemy units since the rock-paper-scissors mechanic plays such an important role in battles.

Before I wind down I’d like to thank you all for being a part of this event, and I’ll have more news in some weeks explaining how the game will move from Beta to Release and what players can expect to see in future updates, one thing I can tell you is that the next update will see a big improvement on the UI, which is getting facelift, there’s too much information that the player doesn’t have access to or is obscured, that will hopefully be rectified by the coming changes.

Thank you all for reading, take care and I look forward to your feedback, until next time!
~ Heftig


The March Towards Beta

Thats right, in just a few more updates, Siege of Turtle Enclave will no longer be in Alpha, but will move its crusty shell into Beta, so lets talk about what will come to pass during - *thundering echoey voice* The March Towards Beta!

   Within the next month (or so) I’ll be releasing 0.5.4, with this update the first half of the Arcane structure tier content will be included; 6 new turtles, 6 new owls, new crops, and 6 of the Arcane structures themselves. The purpose of this update isn’t only to try maintain the illusion of semi-frequent updates (because I know you’re all to smart for that to work), but mainly to experiment at releasing a test-demo build for Mac, giving non-PC heretics a chance to command turtle hordes. If what is says on the label is true, Unity should spit out Mac-ready executables right to my Windows desktop and then I can pass them on to you, my unsuspecting fans, but just in case; I’d rather test a free demo of the Mac client first, and if that works then officially offer the game for sale on that platform. (Cuz your trust means a lot to me).

   Some weeks (or a month, or two) after that, 0.5.8 will land with the remainder of the Arcane Structure tier and it’s assorted units, techs, and Goodie Huts. Another Hero will also be included (a mage) and the Villain that should have been in 0.5 will finally be implemented (I’m going to have to play catch-up with the 4th villain later on). And at long last there will be no higher level of power for the player to reach, all units, techs, crops, goodie huts, and structures will be in the game (almost), a major enough milestone in the developemnt of the game in it’s own right, but not quite enough to mark the start of Beta, that requires a bit more…oomph.

   With most of the asset generation complete and 0.5.8 safely out the door, a dark silence will fall over the development scene, as I reverently tear out and obliterate age old code and historic mechanisms that have been in place since 0.1 was first released to the public. When the red mist of coding-frenzy clears, ancient mainstays shall be no more and a new dawn shall rise on the Siege of Turtle Enclave BETA!!! *Tunderbolts, strong winds, choirs singing*. Version 0.6 will mark the first Beta build, and will feature some massive changes that will effect how the game is played. The battle system and the A.I. will have undergone a major overhaul, with epic new features including unit veterancy; to promote unit significance, a new unit-speed stat; making battles more genuinely real-time and less like the turn-based imposters that they are, and limited army sizes; to make deployment/recruitment choices matter more. These changes, ontop of all unit stats being re-done, should make combat a lot more fun and interesting. The A.I will also become much more cohesive and easier to buff or nerf (both on the development side and on the player’s by way of gameplay settings), it will also be a lot more fun to fight against as it will have key points to target with immediately recognizable results after victory, as opposed to now when a giant horde is still a giant horde no matter how many you just killed…meh…A sense of progression and goals should be much more apparent in 0.6.

   And last but not least, when the game moves from Alpha to Beta the price reduction will diminish from 50% off to 20% off, bringing the cost to get early access to the full game up from $4.99 to $7.99 (USD). This is another reason why I’m delaying Beta until after the battle and A.I. improvements are in, so that the price hike isn’t just for extra buildings and units but instead for a much deeper and more engaging experience.

   Well I hope you all survived the wall of text! Lots more info will be included in a future new post that I will be calling; ‘Beta be Prepared for Beta’ (horrible, just horrible), so stay tuned for that! It’ll have all the goods on what exactly will be coming down when 0.6 lands. Thanks for reading!

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Alphafunding! New Content! 50% Off! Turtles!

Welcome to the largest update of Siege of Turtle Enclave! This release marks a major milestone in the development of the game and is cram packed with new content!

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to see what all the fuss is about. If you’re a newcomer it gives me great pleasure to introduce you to Siege of Turtle Enclave, a turn based strategy game featuring real time battles, city-building elements, a dual-rock-paper-scissors system complemented by a wide assortment of units, *in 90’s tv ad voice* “all this and so much more! AND if you order in the next 10 minutes you’ll receive a~” *changes channel*.

If that’s not enough for you, check out the official trailer to the game below and see all the awesomeness in action:

And for those of you who have already experienced the joy of watching armies of turtles battling valiantly in a life and death struggle against evil feathered fiends, you will be pleased to know that the full version of the game now includes more than twice as many units to fight alongside and against, all structures can be upgraded from the first tier; Timberhewn, to the next tier; Stoneborne, a few more spells have been added, lots more crops, a new hero, AND owls now have battle abilities that they will utilize with extreme prejudice against your poor turtle troops! Also, both the demo and the full version have been polished up a bit to make the experience smoother and more enjoyable, (though in spite of my efforts, it’s still Alpha, and bugs are a hardy lot…). The game now sports a rudimentary Tutorial, that will give new players a brief guide to get them started in the right direction, and a proper introduction cinematic to give players some background for the game.

Whats next you ask? The immediate plans include progressing towards a more consistent experience, i.e. the random map generator is a beast badly in need of taming and a much shorter leash, though for the adventurous among us I’ll include the option to ‘unleash the beast’ to retain the current uncertainty and imbalance in the map. As for the longer haul, two more tiers of structures remain to be implemented before all of them will be in the game, as well as all the units, spells, crops, and other goodies that go along with them, which should amount to roughly twice the interactive content (units, buildings, spells, crops, etc…) that is in the full game as it stands now in 0.4a. Ontop of all that content, I’ll also be adding a lot more polish to trivial things as well as adding more atmosphere to the game, boring mundane things like adding pedestrians to the Enclave, animated workers in the structures, and maybe even sounds to the battles, nothing too exciting… right?

Thanks for reading and I look forward to any feedback you may have, be sure and follow the game’s progress around the web to keep up with all the exciting content as it gets implemented! Until next time!



Finishing a Game


As I work towards completing my own game, I’ve been thinking a lot about finishing projects in general. I’ve noticed that there are a lot of really talented developers out there that have trouble finishing games. Truthfully, I’ve left a long trail of unfinished games in my wake… I think everyone has. Not every project is going to pan out, for whatever reason. But if you find yourself consistently backing out of game projects that have a lot of potential, it could be worth taking a step back and examining why this happens.

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Greenlight is Now Besieged!

I’ve posted the game on Steam’s new Greenlight page, and am hoping that it will help the game reach it’s full potential. In my humble opinion, Steam needs as many turtles as it can handle, because you can never have too many…

As far as development is concerned, things are moving smoothly with new abilities for the units, and weather effects for the Enclave,  and I’ve also discovered quite a few bugs that were subsequently crushed. I hope to have the next update out before the end of the month, this time around I want to give the release a lot more ‘in-house testing’ than previous builds before releasing so that it is as stable as possible.

This week I’ll be working on a gameplay example to show people how the game flows without having to commit to downloading the demo, so I’ll be posting that at the end of this week or the beginning of next.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to your feedback!
~ Heftig

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